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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 29, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i am going to exercise my constitutional right to line item this ridiculous exercise in budget futility. i'm calling on our legislators to get back to harrisburg, back to the work that they left unfinished, last week. >> pennsylvania governor tom
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wolf comes out firing, calling out republican legislators, and calling for emergency funding for pennsylvania schools. good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. governor refusing gop of leaving harrisburg without pass ago bald budget anaconda g funding for schools and other programs. cbs-3 greg argos joins us live at philadelphia school district headquarters just one of the many areas impacted by this new state budget. greg? >> erika, good afternoon recalling our state budget battle has been going on for six months, but currently, governor tom wolf signing the budget today, though it is an incomplete one, he partially line item vetoed. >> this budget set wrong for pennsylvania. >> governor tom wolf came out swinging tuesday announcing he is signing the budget but line item vetoing part of it he disagrees with. >> i'm calling on our legislators to get back to harrisburg, back to the work that they left unfinished last week. meantime, i'm vetoing their
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$95 million cut to education. i'm also vetoing other items that they don't pay for. >> that means, there is currently no state money for education in the budget. but wolf says, he's releasing emergency funds. >> i'm allowing emergency funding for our schools to get out. i'm also letting funding go out to our human service agencies and to our counties. but this is on an emergency basis only. >> governor is in a tough spot. >> philadelphia school superintendent doctor william hite responding. >> number one, it is good news that we can go beyond january 29th. naturally, there is a lot of details that we have to figure out. and as always indicate double -- in the detail, but in the short-term in allows us to move beyond january 29th. >> now, governor wolf placing the blame on state republicans are forcing him he says to line item veto certain items of that budget including state funding for education.
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now, in a response, by state republicans, we have a quote from republican party chairman rob gleason it, says, quote, today tom wolf finally admitted his multi-billion dollar mistake it continues quote it is a tragic that so many schools and non-profit were faced with unpaid bills, layoffs, and even closures because tom wolf used them as political pawns in his reckless budget game. we're live here in center city. greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". greg, thank you. >> meanwhile, turning to our weather, heavy rain overnight is clearing out right now. the morning though started out with quite a splash for commuters. cbs-3 along kelly drive where the rain caused some flooding in the area. despite the downpours, though, look at this, some diehard runners were not about to stop their routine. want to check in with katie out of the skydeck. our hats are off to those people who still gout out and got a work out this morning. >> that always impresses me. you always do tends to see that if you just go around eakin's oval, almost always
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somebody that's diehard running up the rocky stems, right? at this point thankfully you don't have to be a diehard, if you just want to get out, take a walk, thankfully the rain basically over at this point. that is definitely good news, timing really panned out as we had expected. we can go ahead and start off with a look at what's left on storm scan3, really, not a heck of a lot. folks. unless you're down near the shore point, that's where you might still be finding some actual raindrops falling from the sky, the bulk of the storm is pulling away, and obviously bringing in still some pretty decent snowfall across portions of the canadian border into maine main, we towelly did record some of the first measurable snow here in our area, but you have to go pretty far north to find some of these reports. martins creek picked up just .3 inches, we actually ended up with the biggest total we could finds in lehighton of 1.1-inch of snow, jebly fell yesterday. before we saw that sun start to come up here today, though, temperatures already on a climb. here we are in mount pocono, not that the rain is basically over at 32 degrees, low 50's
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in the city already in the 60s down at the shore towns. that's generally where you are likely to stay here. but the rain has pretty much wound down at this point. into the low 60s through the afternoon in the city we think. so now that the rain is winding down again generally just some clouds left over at this point. and we are eventually in, it looks like, for cool-down, more sunshine. we will break down the details headed into the new year coming up a bill later in the show, erika? >> katie, thanks so much. same storm system that brought the rain to our area is now dropping ice and snow in other part of the northeast. correspondent brian web has more now on this blast of winter. >> we're on 95, a coat of slush, covered the roads this morning, near boston, causing some accidents. >> farther north, an icy mix, pelted streets in new hampshire. the winter weather is finally hitting areas in the northeast, that had been experiencing unusually warm temperatures. here in golden bridge, new york a thin layer of snow is on the grounds and chilly rain is falling. >> i don't really like winter.
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it is hard to commute. the trains are slow. >> i don't mind t i'm glad it did finally snow. >> in some areas of the midwest flooding is the problem. like this now impassable intersection in st. louis. this is the city's most wet year on record. last night in st. claire county illinois it only took a small amount of flooding about 6 inches to stall a tractor-trailer and a school bus with 14 student on board. >> doesn't take much water to move a vehicle up. not talking about small vehicles. >> everyone was safely rescued. dozen of homes have flooded in branson and the mississippi river in miss your coy crest at historic levels. the state's governor called for a state of emergency. >> you're in a scenario that no one here has ever been in. >> strong winds also brought down a gas station canopy southeast wisconsin, nearly crushing the people inside this car. the storm system has already killed more than 40 people across the us. brian web, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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this noon, the cause after deadly fire in town sends, delaware is under investigation. firefighters were called to the 100 block of pine tree road just before 6:00 this morning for a fire in a camper on that property. an unidentified man was found dead inside. an autopsy is scheduled for later on today. investigators are now working to pinpoint where and how that fire started. >> a manhunt is underway for an inmate who escaped from a western pennsylvania jail. police think he got help from his sister. wayland hanlon broke out of green county prison sunday, state police say hanlon climbed a fence and made it to his sister's home. vanessa hanlon now under arrest. waylong hanlon jailed, on probation for several charges including simple assault. >> now, state police believe that hanlon might be in a 2004 black honda civic with these pennsylvania tags. jtt6241. now if you see that car or
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hanlon, you are asked to call 911 immediately. >> the fugitive teenage here used the so-called afluenza defense to avoid jail time in deadly drunk driving crash is back in custody. ethan couch and his mother were arrested in mexico. correspondent omar a villa franco, just held a news conference. >> eatethan couch, tonka couch, mother and son, now in the hands of mexican authorities, after the pair was apprehended in puerto vallarta, on the on te pacific coast of mexico, new new image shows the 18 year old couch with a altered appearance, his blonde hair, now a dark brown. >> we're excited that we have them back in custody, to be honest with you, we'll breathe a lot easier when they're back in this country. >> earlier this month the two disappeared after couch missed a meeting with his probation officer. ethan couch made hit lines two years ago when he allude dollars jail time after killing four people in a drunk
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driving crash. during the trial, a psychologist testified on behalf of couch saying the teen suffered from afluenza, suggesting his parents' wealth left him without a sense of responsibility. officials believe the pair may have fled because of this video. it surfaced earlier this month, and appears to show couch at a party where a drinking game was being played. this could have violated his probation. >> even though he is 18, couch's case hasn't been transferred over to an adult court which means he will face punishment in juvenile court, and at worse, be sent to a juvenile detention facility. in fort worth texas, omar villafranca, cbs news. >> a fire chief in yorktown ship pennsylvania is being hailed a hero. chief trace did i not hesitate when he pulled a man from that burning car. dash cam video shows that scene from monday after the driver crashed into a pole. chief tracey rushes to the victim's car, you can see him right there, dragging that man
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to safety. the victim suffered minor injuries. another story of heroism, this one in new jersey, where three boy scouts put their survival skills to task. they sprang into action when their scout leader was trapped by a bear last week. the 911 call was just released and it shows us just how calm these young boys remained. tony iello has a story. >> reporter: it ended with a rescue, scout leader chris, bundled on a stretcher, loaded into a helicopter. but only after a frantic hour and 20 minute, recorded at rock away township dispatch. >> 911 where is the emergency? >> me and two other scouts went hiking. my scout master went into the cave and a bear is in the cave with him. >> bear grabbed his leg and pulled him into a cave. >> i think the bear's on top of him. >> the bear is on top of him? >> yes, i think so. >> the young scouts sounding nervous but staying calm
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showed they could be prepared to help in the emergency. >> one of the scouts is putting food in the cave. >> first, leaving saint witches near the cave entrance to draw the bear out, then taking action to help rescuers locate them. >> the scouts are making a fire right now. we'll keep it contained and we'll make it a lot of smoke. >> okay. >> as rescuers closed in, this poinient comment from one of the scouts. >> if i don't make it out of this alive, i love you guys. >> meanwhile, scout leader managed to escape the bear by hitting it on the nose with a rock hammer. he, too, called 911. >> i'm sorry about this. >> what's that? >> i'm sorry about all of this. >> no, no, no, listen, there is nothing to be sorry b let's just get you taken care of, okay? where are you bleeding, your leg, your arm? >> left arm, left leg, neck and head. he got me good. >> that was tony iello reporting. new jersey wildlife officials
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estimate he spent more than an hour inside that cave with the bear. his friends say he's recovering and now even cracking jokes about his encounter, but incredible scouts, well done. >> still ahead this noon, new developments in a case that rocked the arch diocese of philadelphia. we're hearing exclusively from the lawyer of monsignor william lynn about his overturned conviction. >> and, it seems like another day where we're reporting this again and again. hoverboard burst into flames, when we come right back.
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>> dupont hand announced eliminate being 1700 delaware base jobs. this will be starting in the new year. no quote on the significant impact on the delaware work force, due to plan to cut $700 million in costs. now, this comes after the announcement after restructuring and a planned merger with dow. the company did announce that the headquarters will remain in wilmington, following that merger. a week after having his conviction for mishandling text abuse complaints overturned, monsignor william lynn is headed back to court for a new trial. but, as our jan carabeo reports, philadelphia's district attorney wants a state appeals court to take another look at that case. >> he is actually a wonderful man. i mean, he is a priest who all he ever wanted to do was minister to his parish. >> attorney tom bergstrom says monsignor william lynn should not only walk free but also
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allowed to serve the catholic church. lynn accused and convicted those of know little allowing sexual preditor priest toss have contact with philadelphia children. >> you know, he is sort of worked hard with these brushes that similarly aren't accurate. very frustrating for him. >> superior court overturned lynn's conviction last week, paving way for new trial. second time lynn's conviction was overturned, but philadelphia district attorney seth williams wants those superior court judges to reconsider their decision. >> we will continue to fight, to deep monsignor lynn in state custody, where he belongs. >> williams says the evidence is clear. >> monsignor lynn knew how dangerous it was to put a pedifile into a school with children. >> bergstrom and lynn just want another chance to prove what they say is the truth. >> what bothers him the most is the inaccuracy of some of the perceptions in terms of what he really did. like i said, he never harmed a child. we've been chasing justice for
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four years that i thought maybe we finally caught it, but maybe we did. and we'll see. >> in the meantime, bergstrom is trying to get lynn released on bail, as he await a new trial, he's been behind bars in a prison north of scranton. in the news room, january jan c, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> looks like another hoverboard was just too hot to handle. >> oh, my gosh. >> surprised shopping ers put our their phones when that hoverboard burst into flames at a mall outside of houston. several witnesses say the hoverboard sitting inside a box near a kiosk when it caught fire. that fire was quickly put out, but the mall was briefly evacuated because of the smoke. there have been about two dozen reports of hoverboard fires this holiday season. still ahead on "eyewitness news", what a messy start to your day. katie has the forecast coming up next.
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>> we have so much rain this morning. >> really d we actually have tallied up totals across the delaware valley, see how much we actually ended up with here. substantial, because basically all fell while people are trying to get to work in the morning. >> yes, definitely a rough, rough time out there this morning, that's for sure. thankfully you saw me out on the skydeck without an umbrella that bodes well for the rest of the day, right? we will likely see the skies try to clear out here. i want to start things off by looking at some of the rainfall totals that we have reported in pennsylvania, obviously, this is short list, pretty much everybody got some rain. these are just couple of choice totals that we picked out for from chalfont, out to bala cynwyd, in fact, you ended with just over an inch of rain, warrington, just shy after inch, in pottstown over
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an inch, as well. in new jersey not quite as impression i have with the totals still certainly doing well here, you ended up with just over .8 after inch, and just shy of that in hamilton, new jersey, in delaware we also had pretty substantial amount of rain that fell and smyrna pick up over half inch and the list goes on, you get the idea here. as that tallies up through the course of the year, for philadelphia, specifically, we are now at 46.81 inches, to be exact, and in terms of precipitation thus far for the year. that's actually over five and a half inches above what we would typically have. so we really have seen our fair share of precipitation for the year 2015, as we are now in the final days of this year. storm scan, though, again, really starting to clear out nicely. time willing just right dead-on with what we were expecting which is great to see, so even as skies begin to try to clear here, you are going to not only see maybe few glimmers of sunlight, but also little bit of warming trend. >> this was warmfront after all, temperatures have really responded to. that will now that said, what
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happens next? we're looking ahead to tomorrow. there is another front nearby from so try for the second half of the day, maybe bring us couple of showers specially from the city on south. so we'll see how we do there, clouds yield for sunshine though, as we look ahead to new years eve during the day, i think we'll keep it dry for new year festivities, but the chill settles in as high pressure is the same as we ring in the new year friday. soap, it is looking quieter and quieter in the pattern, also cooler and cooler. outside we go to the live network, tell tail raindrops, palmyra cove nature park lens, city in the distance, were actually quite a few people, last check out on the boardwalk, not sure where they all went, but people are taking advantage of the warmth, the 60s currently in at rehoboth. looking at the temperature difference, just from this same time yesterday, a lot warmer here across the southern tear of our area. as it relate to the actual thermometer, you're flirting with the 60s right now in atlantic city. so very warm beginning to the day, i want to quickly show
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you what's going on here in the seven day forecast, we will start to cool things off down the road here. but again, we're ringing in the new year with a lot more sunshine just that chill, back in the air. stay there. coming right back.
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>> you won't want to miss aretha franklin saluting carol king when it airs tonight on cbs-3. the queen of soul since one of the singer songwriters biggest hits, natural woman. other honorees include actresses rita more ananases
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sessilities on as well as star wars creator george lucas, and conductor saji. the center honors stars tonight at 9:00 here on cbs-3. and right afterward if you love the sweet sounds of carol king, cbs-3 vittoria woodill will have a story music to your ears tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. and that's "eyewitness news" at noon. thanks for joining us for erika, for katie, all every us here, thanks for watching. speaking in the third person. >> exactly. that's how how you know you're good. "eyewitnesseyewitness continues. always on you at the young and the restless is up next. have a great day.
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>> kevin: ah! what was that for? >> mariah: what's up with you and your new bff billy abbott? >> kevin: "a" -- not my bff. "b" -- i have no idea what you're talking about. >> mariah: hey, he just cornered me about your swiss hacker chick. i thought it was supposed to be a top-secret project. >> kevin: damn it. i should have known he'd try to end run around me. what did you tell him? >> mariah: i didn't tell him anything about your techie hottie. what was i supposed to say? she's my favorite yodeler? >> kevin: even that is saying too much. don't be saying anything to anyone. >> mariah: why are you being so secretive? i know that internet security is a big deal, but it can't be that big of a deal. >> kevin: oh, you're right. no big deal -- making business, personal, and government computers completely secure for the rest of eternity? no big deal. >> mariah: you really think this is gonna be huge. >> kevin: huger. this innovation is gonna change my life. it's gonna change everybody's life.


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